Smartphone apps to help you budget

Budgeting whilst at university can be a hard task to conquer. From rent payments and food shopping to nights out with friends, there are numerous things a university student has to pay for. Here are some useful apps that can be download on your smartphone to make budgeting a little less hard.

One of the best apps to buy to help you with your budgeting is your personal bank app. Whether you are with HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Barclays etc, they all have smartphone apps available for you to download. Not only does this make life easier to keep track on your balance, but it means you will be more wary of what you are spending your money on.


Image result for ONTREE LOGO
On Trees Personal Finance (available on iOS and Android)

This app is totally free and has been set up by the company The App allows you to view all your bank accounts in one place and make it easier to see your out-goings and in-goings. It also allows you to split your spending into different categories such as food shopping, rent, bills, clothes etc.

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Wally (available on iOS and Android)

This app is totally free and lets you take control of your money. It allows you to balance your income and expenses, understand where your money goes, set and achieve your financial goals and set and stick to budgets.

Image result for you need a budget logo
You Need a Budget YNAB (available on iOS and Android)

This app is totally free and allows you to quickly enter transactions on the go, as well as checking balances of different categories you have set up, before making a purchase. It also allows you to check your previous transactions for all of your accounts you may have.


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