Italian butter bean pasta


  • Whole-wheat pasta (75g dried pasta per person)
  • Tomato sauce
  • 1 can of butter beans in water
  • 1 clove of garlic

 Optional but tasty

  • Mozzarella (torn)
  • Washed baby spinach
  • Salt and pepper to season


1. Empty pasta into a sauce pan. Bring to boil. Simmer uncovered for 10-12 minutes. Make sure you stir occasionally and then drain and serve.

2. In a separate large pan, heat some cooking oil and add crushed garlic clove.

3. Drain water away from the butter beans and add the bean to the pan with the crushed garlic clove.

4. Add jar of tomato pasta sauce and stir until heated through

5. Add spinach. Once wilted, add pasta to sauce and stir through.

6. Remove pan from heat (if using mozzarella, tear up small sections and stir through the pasta

7. Serve and enjoy!

 Cost of recipe

(Please note these prices may change)

(Serves 6 portions)


Asda – £3.26

Tesco – £3.81

Sainsbury’s – £4.25


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